The course is a review of nursing history and the moral and legal responsibilities of the Practical Nurse. The disciplines in nursing, nursing theory, nursing practices, systems of health care delivery will be studied and analyzed as they relate to current issues in health care. Current trends in healthcare related law will be examined as they apply to nursing practice. The course will provide a framework of Nursing philosophy and objectives of the Nursing Education Program in the Richard Medical Academy.

At the completion of this course the student will:

  • Describe the history of nursing from Florence Nightingale to the 21st century.
  • Describe moral and ethical theory as it applies to nursing
  • Identify significant healthcare law governing the practice of nursing
  • Describe and apply Orem’s SCD nursing theory to patient populations
  • State the Richards Medical Academy Philosophy of Nursing
  • Demonstrate competency in performing basic nursing skills in the lab setting and the clinical setting
  • Demonstrate the use of Orem’s Theory of SCD Nursing in performing a basic nursing assessment
  • Demonstrate competence in documenting data gathered in the nursing assessment and during the provision of nursing care