This course explores the principles of providing care for patients with multiple acute and/or chronic health problems who present in a variety of care settings. This course will include classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences to enable the student to participate in providing complex patient care utilizing complex care skills and current technologies.

  • Discuss pathophysiology of complex diseases and disorders
  • Review the common diagnostic testing and medical management of complex diseases
  • Cite risk factors of complex disease
  • Describe common medications, actions, uses, side effects, doses used in the treatment of complex diseases.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide culturally competent care for patients with a variety of complex medical-surgical nursing care needs under the direction of a Registered Nurse
  • Apply the principles of Orem’s SCD theory to care provided to medical-surgical complex patients in the clinical setting
  • Demonstrate competent psychomotor skills by performing selected nursing interventions within a self-care framework
  • Demonstrate professional behaviors of accountability, responsibility and self direction