Our CNA Training Programs Will Get You Prepared

There are a limited number of career opportunities in today’s job market, and most of the jobs that are available in Ohio and Michigan, offer very modest salaries and few benefits, if any at all. The one exception to this rule is found in the rapidly-growing health care industry.

While health care is a field that can require enormous periods of formal training in certain instances, it is also possible to gain entry into the field with a much more modest expenditure of time and study. A great way of getting one’s foot in the door, and perhaps enjoying a decent salary and benefits while working on more advanced certifications, is to obtain CNA, or Certified Nurse Assistance, certification.

There are relatively few requirements for being eligible for CNA training in Toledo Ohio and the rest of the state. The prospective candidate must be 18 years of age or older, pass a criminal background check and basic health examination.

Naturally, the CNA position (the same as STNA in Ohio) is a state licensed one which entails successfully carrying out the various components of the process, including passage of the licensing exam. Before the examination can be administered, the state of Ohio requires a basic educational course of 60 hours in the classroom and 16 hours of supervised clinical experience. With these two pre-requisites met, the examination itself allows the candidate to show that they have mastered their studies and are qualified to assume their professional duties.

Once these requirements have been met, the licensing procedure itself requires only a few additional regulatory formalities, such as presenting a pair of passport-style photos to be used for the new Nurse Aide’s official ID badge. While many students have gone on to pursue additional certifications after obtaining their CNA, this people-centered position offers great pay and benefits, as well as enormous personal satisfaction, without the need for the extensive number of formal courses required of other medical specialties.