For a great number of nursing schools in Ohio, the demand for nursing degrees are higher than the number of slots available in their programs, so potential students are placed on a waiting list. There are four factors that may be making this situation more difficult –

  • the insufficient number of people in the nursing field in Ohio is motivating a wave of new nursing students
  • unsatisfactory pay is contributing to the dwindling number of nursing teachers
  • the economic downturn in the past 6 years has a new wave of people looking for a new career heading for nursing school, because they are seeking a stable career with good salaries
  • headline news panicking potential nursing students with troubling reports about nursing school shut-outs

Richard Medical Academy would like to put your mind at ease and inform you that we have a few openings available (meaning that currently, we are an accredited nursing school in Ohio without a wait list) if you act now and call :


1-877-743-7978 and ask about our no wait list program


Unfortunately, there are some nursing candidates sitting on hold for months, feeling that a particular nursing program that they are nervously waiting for is extraordinary, and is their only means to a  nursing career. The truth is that there are many excellent LPNs and RNs, currently employed because they did a little research and attended fine schools such as Richard Medical Academy.  Call us today and ask us how this is possible.

When you get an actual job on a nursing floor in a hospital, few care where you studied nursing, but they do care that you are a licensed PN or RN. They can appreciate you working as part of their team, providing skilled and competent bedside care, and contributing to well being of the healthcare facility. School wait lists that are popular among your peers are not necessarily any better, but they may have a public relations department that excels – and in the end – how does that help you?

Before you agree to be placed on a nursing school wait list, it would benefit you to call Richard Medical Academy and explore the possibility of obtaining a quality nursing education without having to wait.