Practical Nursing Program Objective

The objective of our Practical Nursing Diploma Program is to provide our students with the appropriate didactic theory, and hands-on skills required and necessary to prepare them for a career as a practical nurse.

The combination of introduced skills taught in this program will prepare students for the ever-changing field of nursing and health care.

Apart from the health classes offered, and skills taught, the RMA LPN training also covers the ethical and legal responsibilities of the practical nurse as they relate to the health care facility, the client, and co-workers.

Professionalism and general communication skills, both of which are considered essential to any health care professional, are also emphasized throughout the entire nursing program.

The LPN training offered at RMA nursing school focuses on teaching students to care for others. The training goes beyond basic nursing skills, knowledge, and concepts but is founded on the ambition to make a positive impact on the lives of patients, families, and the society as a whole.

We train our graduates to care for all classes of people who need care. This includes the elderly, and the physically challenged of all ages, and any person with medical conditions that limit them from taking care of themselves.

Our prospective students have an option to register for full time 12-month LPN program in Ohio.

Please call our offices at 419.534.2371 for more details about our Licensed Practical Nurse Program.


Richard Medical Academy will operate on a cohort system. Every cohort starts and completes the LPN program together taking each and every course together.


Richard Medical Academy has a advance standing policy in place and will evaluate and transfer credit appropriately.