Is Being an CNA in Ohio the New Career For You?

In the US, CNAs are in high demand. The state of Ohio has the fourth largest number of job openings in the country, with 1990 new positions available each year. Therefore, being a CNA, STNA or LPN in Ohio is a good idea for people who value job security.

Indeed, CNAs are constantly needed in Ohio, particularly in nursing homes, which often have a high staff turnover. One advantage of getting certified is that you become much more employable. Although some places employ non certified personal care assistants (PCAs), these individuals do not earn as much as CNAs. Worse still, they can not progress much further in their career without certification.

Notwithstanding, while working as a CNA has its advantages, most people progress further in their nursing career. RMA offers LPN to satisfy that desire.

In Ohio state, you have to complete at least seventy-five hours of training, prior to sitting the exam for nursing assistant certification. You have to complete a minimum of sixteen hours of school classroom education (such as CNA courses at RMA), prior to dealing with patients directly. A significant percentage of the training will take place in a clinical environment.