CNA Jobs: What To Look For In An Employer

It used to be that as a nurse or nurse’s assistant you couldn’t open a newspaper or scroll through online job boards without bumping into myriads of career opportunities in the medical field. Private and public sectors were both consistently on the hunt for registered nurses and CNA’s freshly out of classes to land the role of responsibility. In recent years, however, it seems that employers are giving nurses less and less of what they want. So what should a CNA be looking for when it comes to employers?

1. Leadership
By being a good leader your employer will be able to keep his staff happy and respectful. Your employer should know how to take charge without being overbearing. Your employer should be willing to listen to all staff members when in need, and show genuine appreciation to everyone under his employment.

2. A Great Work Environment
The upbeat attitude you bring to work will have an effect on everyone around you. When looking for employment you’ll want to find an environment you’re going to be comfortable in. Interact with the medical staff, patients, and your employer to ensure the best chemistry possible.

3. Flexibility
If you’re looking for a 9-5 job, nursing is definitely out of the question. No matter whether you work in a hospital or in a private home, shift work is essential to caring for your patient’s needs and well being – but sometimes personal responsibilities may get in the way of your work schedule. In these times as a CNA you’re going to want an employer who is understanding, and will offer flexibility when it comes to switching your shifts in the case of a personal emergency.

4. Stability
In a profession that now has higher turn-over rates than usual, you’re going to want a job that offers stability. You trained long and hard in your CNA classes and you are going to want an employer who understands you have financial responsibilities, too, and deserve a stable work schedule.

5. A Fantastic Retirement Plan
It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. Before you accept your new placement as a CNA, you’re going to want to check into your wages, benefits, and retirement plan offered. Many US retirements plans are shrinking. If this is important to you then you’ll want to find an appropriate time to bring this up with your employer.

6. Respect
While extremely rewarding, nursing is no easy job, as millions of nurses worldwide can attest to. As a nurse you are constantly on your feet caring for other’s needs, with both your physical and emotional energy on the line. As a nurse you’re going to want someone who appreciates you and shows you the respect you deserve as a professional.