Clinical CNA Skills Test: What Are The Skills You Need To Pass Your Next CNA Skills Test

Becoming a certified nurse’s assistant is a rewarding career, but it isn’t without it’s stresses: namely, passing the test to become an official CNA. In order to become a registered CNA you must first put training from your classes into practice and pass both a written test, as well as a practical skills test. While you may feel confident about your written test, you might be wondering exactly what is required to pass your CNA skills test.

What Skills You Should Master
During your test you will be asked to demonstrate some of the skills you learned in your classes, such as hand hygiene, infection control, assisting skills such as assisting to ambulate, use of bedpans, and patient hygiene, as well as counts and records, feeding patients, measures and records, proper dress and grooming and more.

The majority of states recognize up to 30 clinical skills, 3-6 of which will be evaluated at random during the test. These skills should be taught extensively during the course of your classes. For the purpose of practicing for the test, there will be many example videos of how to perform the given tasks available on YouTube. It should be noted that these videos are to be used to practice reference only and may not reflect the standards of your exam, as guidelines differ from state to state.

If you properly review the skill videos and regularly practice what you are being taught you should have no issues during your test. Remember to relax and be natural. Undue stress may only hinder your process. It is normal to be nervous, but it should not impede your ability to perform. Remember, the best cure for test anxiety is proper preparation.

The CNA skills test can be overwhelming at first, so trust in the training you received and put your skills into practice to begin your rewarding career in the medical field. At Richard Medical Academy we want you to succeed, and preparing our students for a successful nursing career is our top priority. Call us now at 877-743-7989 and get the education you need to pass your CNA skills test.