Have you ever heard the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” This saying applies to most avenues of life, and your career as a CNA is no different. Now that you have your dream career as a Certified Nursing Assistant you may find yourself so immersed in your job that you have little time to even think about anything else, including your home life.

Creating that perfect work-life balance is an absolute necessity for maintaining a happy demeanor both mentally and physically. Your training and CNA classes well-prepared you for a myriad of job-related situations and circumstances, but odds are it didn’t prepare you for the juggling act of work-life balance brought on by stress and burnout. With only a few simple steps, improving your work-life balance is easier than you might think.

Be Honest With Yourself
It is impossible to create a new routine for a work-life balance if you’re not honest with yourself about what the problem is. If you feel like your work is taking over your home life and personal responsibilities, make a list and start to assign a percentage to different areas in your life that are taking up the most time. Once your list is complete, start reevaluating what should take priority. Your nursing career is of the utmost importance, but so is your family.

When You’re Home, You’re Off The Clock
For many people to create a balanced lifestyle it’s integral to leave your work-self at your front door. While it’s hard to forget about patients and circumstances going on in your career, your family and friends need you, too. Create a new mindset. When you’re at home, you’re off the clock.

Create A Date Night, Family Night, Or Day Out With Friends
Once a week you’ll pick a day off and devote it entirely to your partner, your family, or your friends, and give them your complete attention for the whole day/evening. This is just as important to your well-being and enjoyment as is it to your friends and family. The nursing field can be a stressful place to work, so enjoy your downtime with friends and foster the relationships that make you feel good.

Take Time For Yourself
You are a CNA – you help people, you help change the worlds of those around you, but it’s important to remember that your job does not define you as a whole. Whether it’s before or after work, be sure to take some time for yourself doing something you like to do. Focus on your passions, be it meditation, working out, Sudoku, or playing an instrument. It’s important not to forget your personal self while enjoying your new career as a CNA.