When it comes to nurses and there professional titles, a common confusion is whether a certified nursing assistant and a state tested nursing aide are the same profession.  Although these sound similar, there are some differences between the two professions.

Both occupations are related, and in the state of Ohio, a state tested nurse aide is a term used for a nurse aide as well.  Education requirements for either of these occupations do not require a higher education degree.  Most of the time, a high school diploma is sufficient when it comes to education.

The training required for each of these professions is where the difference occurs.  Certified nursing assistants and state tested nurse aides both need to undergo a training process that requires a mandatory amount of hours, authorized by the state of Ohio and recognized by the Ohio Department of Health.  Training includes theoretical classes about topics such as nutrition, infection control, and other similar subjects.  Practical classes must also be taken and can include how to administer medicine, moving patients, and taking vital statistics.  After training has been completed, a mandated exam must be passed, which will certify an individual as a CNA or STNA.

The environments that a CNA and STNA work in have some similar job responsibilities. A typical environment that for these occupations is rehabilitation centers, clinics, day-care centers, residential care facilities, and hospitals.

The only notable difference between a STNA and CNA in the state of Ohio is the amount of training completed and the type of exam taken for each certification.  If you are considering entering into the healthcare field and are interested in one of these two occupations, Richard Medical Academy is an accredited school that can provide you the necessary training to pass your exam.  Learn more about your new career opportunity by contacting Richard Medical Academy today.