Admission Process for LPN Program


Applicants considering this program option should follow the guidelines provided below in each step of the application process. Applicants are responsible to complete the steps as outlined in order to meet eligibility requirements. Failure to submit required documents by deadline dates will not be considered for admission.

Step 1




Complete the application form and return it to the Admission Office. Applying early is to the student’s advantage in setting up interest free payment plans for those who cannot pay in full before the beginning of every quarter.

Alternatively, apply online by filling out the registration form here. Please e-mail the completed forms to Admission office @ and call (419) 534-2371 to apply for entrance exam.



Step 2


·       ** Applicants should schedule the placement exam by reaching out to the school by phone, email or through this website.  Please advise us if you are out of town/state applicant, so we can assist you with arrangements/accommodation.

·       After completing placement testing, you must speak with your admission office. 

 Application Review

Your completed application will be reviewed promptly and a determination will be made as soon as possible. Please, contact RMA at (419) 534-2371 if you have not received a response from Admission Office within three (7) business days.

RMA admits students of any race, color, sex, sexual orientation  and national or ethnic origin without any discrimination.

    • Basic functional computer ability is an expectation of the LPN nursing program. 

Step 3


o   Applications must be submitted by the deadline date for the semester you are applying.

o   Applicants must be proficient in English.

o   Drug screening may be required prior to entering clinical nursing courses.

Formal admission into the Nursing Program and clinical courses will be offered upon successful completion of the requirements listed above.


Step 4


    ALL supporting documents should be submitted for your acceptance into RMA.

   * Note: You need to have Adobe Reader installed to view and print PDF files.