The objective of our Practical Nursing Diploma Program is to provide our students with the appropriate didactic theory, and hands-on skills required and necessary to prepare them for a career as a practical nurse.

The philosophy of RMA expresses its belief that nursing education is one of commitment to lifelong learning and the provision of safe, compassionate, quality nursing care to individuals, families, and communities.

Nursing is a profession within the healthcare sector focused on the care of individuals, families and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. The nurse cooperates with members of the healthcare team to provide health needs and assists the client to perform those activities that contribute to health.

The goal of nursing is to improve lives as front-line members of the health care delivery team to help individuals, families, groups and communities to reach an optimum state of well-being by restoring, maintaining and promoting their health. They independently assess and monitor patients, and taking a holistic approach, determine what patients need to attain and preserve their health. Nurses then provide care and, if needed, alert other health care professionals to assist. One of the most important roles of the nurse is to be a patient advocate when the patients themselves cannot because of illness or inadequate health knowledge. Nurses empower patients, guiding them toward health behaviors and support them in time of need.

RMA philosophy provides an overall framework for general and specific nursing objectives as well as a foundation from which all aspects of our community of nursing students are developed.

–          To create high standards of learning experiences for all student nurses and nursing aides by providing access to all areas of their learning curriculum.

–          To create a stimulating and lively learning environment to prepare future nurses.

–          To create a caring, secure environment so that all its student nurses and nursing aides can feel a sense of worth.

–          To develop a caring attitude for the society and community.

–          To create a partnership with parents, community and healthcare communities.

–          To develop a positive place within the Toledo local community.

–          To create a ‘feel good’ factor, so that everyone feels happy and positive about what they do.

–          Recognition of the individual by enhancing self-esteem and the ability to value each person’s own worth through a contented, caring, enriching and secure environment.

–          Variety of nursing and nursing aide’s experiences, skills, attitudes, concepts, and knowledge to fully develop each future nurses and nursing aide’s potential.

–          To develop an awareness of self and self-confidence, sensitivity to others, self-discipline, self-esteem, acceptable behavior, and cooperation.

–          To develop a caring mind, independent thought, perseverance and ability to make reasoned nursing judgments and choices.

–          To be able to identify problems, investigate, find solutions, plan independent work and organize their own time.

–          To encourage creative thinking and how to acquire information from various sources

–          To be able to communicate ideas and information in a variety of ways for different occasions and purposes.

–          To develop each student to his/her full potential through offering a wide range of high-quality nursing experiences by providing a constructive learning experience to meet individual needs and equal opportunity for all.

–          To develop social awareness, group responsibility and empathy of its students through the social context of learning by being sensitive to the needs of others and enjoy the same experiences irrespective of sex, race, religion or color.

–          To develop a set of beliefs, values, confidence to make and hold moral judgments.

–          To develop respect for ethical values and better ways of life.

–          To provide first-hand experiences which enable nursing students and nursing aides to acquire concepts and skills which will help them to understand themselves, bringing care and extensive knowledge to help improve the lives of patients.

–          To promote the nursing culture of excellence.

The combination of introduced skills taught in this program will prepare students for the ever-changing field of nursing and health care.

Apart from the health classes offered, and skills taught, the RMA PN training also covers the ethical and legal responsibilities of the practical nurse as they relate to the health care facility, the client, and co-workers.

Professionalism and general communication skills, both of which are considered essential to any health care professional, are also emphasized throughout the entire nursing program.

The LPN training offered at RMA nursing school focuses on teaching students to care for others. The training goes beyond basic nursing skills, knowledge, and concepts but is founded on the ambition to make a positive impact on the lives of patients, families, and the society as a whole.

We train our graduates to care for all classes of people who need care. This includes the elderly, and the physically challenged of all ages, and any person with medical conditions that limit them from taking care of themselves.

Our prospective students have an option to register for full time 12-month PN program in Ohio.

Please call our offices at 419.534.2371 for more details about our Practical Nursing Program.


Richard Medical Academy operate on a cohort system. Every cohort starts and completes the LPN program together taking each and every course together.


Richard Medical Academy has a advance standing policy in place and will evaluate and transfer credit appropriately