If you are considering becoming a certified nursing assistant, it is important to think about the qualities necessary to succeed within the nursing field.  There are a few major attributes a CNA should encompass. Here we’ve broken down some of the necessary qualities:

Time Management – When considering becoming a nursing assistant, time management is an extremely necessary quality to possess.  Working as a nurse will involve taking care of a number of patients at one time.  You will need to keep track of schedules and what needs to be done for each patient on a day-to-day basis.  You’ll be responsible to manage not only your own time but also that of your patients.

Confidence – It is very important to have confidence in what you are doing.  When assigned a task by the doctor, a nursing assistant should not be second-guessing their abilities or what needs to be done.  Doctors rely on nursing assistance to know what they are doing and have confidence when completing the job.

Ability to Handle Stress – The healthcare field will be stressful.  It is necessary that as a nursing assistant, you can handle stress and still preform your job duties.  There will be times when patients have complications and will need immediate assistance.  Handling stress and preforming what is asked will be a constant aspect of your nursing career.  The ability to handle stress both in and outside the workplace is a very important quality for any nursing assistant.

Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for a new career.  If you feel that you possess these qualities and are interested in nursing, check out our program and get started on your path to become a certified nursing assistant.