Not many people enjoy taking an exam.  The best way to prepare for the CNA practice test or exam is to study the material.  Here we’ve provided a few tips that you can use to help plan your studying and really excel on your CNA exam.

Make A Study Schedule: You most likely wont have the liberty to take a few days and dedicate them solely to studying.  A great tool is to create a study schedule. With this schedule, you can plan out your daily activities and fit designated study time into your busy days.

Don’t Procrastinate:  Although procrastination is easily done, it is best to not put off studying until the last minute.  Study a little bit everyday (or a few days a week) will better prepare you for your exam and not leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Create Flashcards: Creating flashcards is a great tool that will aid you in studying.  During the process of writing out each flashcard, you’ll be able to absorb some of the material.  After the cards have been created, you can carry the flashcards around and study whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Make Vocabulary Sheets:  Creating vocabulary sheets can help you become more familiar with the language that will be on the exam.  The more familiar you are with the vocabulary, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be on the subject.

Don’t Cram:  It is very important to study more than one night before your CNA exam.  In order to retain all of the information, you’ll need to spend multiple days studying.  Cramming the night before might seem time effective but it might now be enough time for you to learn all of the information and pass.  The best way to ensure you’ll not only pass the CNA exam but also retain the knowledge you’ve learned is to study over a period of time.

Although test taking is not always easy, being as prepared as possible can make your CNA exam more manageable.  Remember to spread your studying out in order to truly absorb all of the material for your CNA exam.

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